About 5354..

5354 productions was established in 2003 by round_ruckus. Back in the day, round_ruckus presented a never-before-heard-of rap style in his Chinese transliterations of English songs, most notably, "Bong Bong Bong". In this way, 5354 productions revolutionized the flow of Chinese hip-hop. Evidence of this influence can be seen in many modern Chinese hip-hop songs from Hong Kong and China.

With a keen sense of rhythm and a knack for words, round_ruckus enjoyed writing witty rhymes and meaningful lyrics. His main hip-hop influences at the time were Eminem and Tupac Shakur [RIP 1996]. Doing an array of integrated covers, round_ruckus showed the world his talent, his humour, and his insights through the music we all know and love; hip-hop.

In late 2005, round_ruckus took a break to live the yuppie life. During his yuppie adventures, round_ruckus faced many tribulations but befriended many allies along the way. In 2008, round_ruckus left the yuppie life once more to pursue happiness.

What he found instead was Kimstylez, a renegade photographer with a can-do attitude. Her natural artistic side rubbed off on him, and he slowly felt the need for music and lyrics in his life once again.

Convinced he could write witty and listenable lyrics on any subject, round_ruckus searched for a way to show the world. Being an expert at producing integrated covers, round_ruckus decided to write addendum lyrics to modern fan-favourites, thus showcasing a variety of different lyrics with different themes. The first 20 samples featured on this website were written, hacked, and produced in 3 weeks. Contact 5354 productions to find out how custom lyrics can support your business or enhance your life.

So after a year of planning and calling in favours from yuppie friends (special thanks to n1 and Lizzie), round_ruckus launches 5354.biz v2.0 with a new look, a new attitude, and a new statement [Jan07'09]. Please feel free to explore the console and listen to samples of round_ruckus' work.

..and to all you hardcore fans, all legacy 5354 productions can be found stored in the legacy player. Press eject on the console to switch players.